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 HOLODOMOR 1932-33

The Campaign

Welcome to the site, associated with the campaign for  UK government to recognise the Holdomor, or genocidal famine, of 1932-33 in Ukraine as genocide. The aims of the site are:

To oppose Russia's military action in Ukraine and challenge Russia's propaganda conduits in the West

To enable people campaigning for recognition of the Holodomor to coordinate their work

To promote awareness of the Holodomor among the British public and politicians.

The Holodomor, or Hunger plague, was a famine engineered by the Soviet Union as part of a series of actions, including mass executions, designed to destroy the Ukrainian nation. Census data reveal a shortfall of 11,000, 000 in the Ukrainian population by 1937. Before and during 1937 large numbers of Ukrainians would be executed in the Great Terror which, although all the Soviet Union was affected, had a specifically Ukrainian dimension.

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Please sign the petition on to persuade Satish Kumar to amend the editorial policy of The Ecologist. The magazine has printed a number of articles recycled from the extremist Counterpunch site and one by notorious right wing maverick Israel Shamir. These articles attacked Ukraine misrepresenting it's revolution and smearing the Ukrainian nation. Mr Kumar, who owns the journa,l is a decent man and I believe that he is unaware of what is being published in his name.




This is a quote from a communist leader speaking in the Kharkiv region in 1934:

"Famine in Ukraine was brought on to decrease the number of Ukrainians, replace the dead with people from other parts of the USSR, and thereby to kill the slightest thought of any Ukrainian independence."

- V. Danilov et al., Sovetskaia derevnia glazami OGPU_NKVD. T. 3, kn. 2. Moscow 2004. P. 572


With thanks to Professor Roman Serbyn whose research provided this quote and Aleks Kalashnik who sent it to me and whose blog is here:


A recent and excellent article by Yehven Zakharov on the Holodomor can be found here