The benefits of new uPVC windows are clear for all to see

House building in the United Kingdom went through an unprecedented boom after the second world war, as people sought to cash in at a time of greater prosperity. At that time, the strains the country now faces on its available land resources were a distant prospect, and as technology began to play a greater role in the home, house builders were anxious to provide home owners with all the space necessary to accommodate all these new home comforts.

Double Glazed Windows CostIn addition to that, many of the owners of this new generation of homes required more outside space, as they wanted to devote more time to maintaining and enjoying a garden of their own. Not only that, but for the first time, car ownership was becoming the norm rather than a luxury. Therefore space was also needed to accommodate the family’s new transport, and in most cases, a driveway was considered insufficient, and car owners demanded that their pride and joy could be kept under cover when not in use ‘ especially handy as many of the engines of the day were susceptible to damp.

But with the UK having now celebrated 70 years since the Battle of Britain, and the boom years of the 1950s and 1960s a mere memory to the baby-boomers who grew up in those halcyon days, many houses built in this era are beginning to show their age. And while they were solidly built, they came before the era of double glazing and uPVC, so did not have the huge benefits of greater sound and heat insulation which these innovations have subsequently brought.

So what were once handsome bow windows have succumbed to old age, and require replacement, while the characterful front doors with which these houses were equipped often fall short of modern standards of insulation and security.Fortunately, advances in materials technology and fitting techniques have made replacing even bow windows with stylish new frames and the latest glazing units with their vastly superior heat retention properties a straightforward task.

Double glazing manufacturers have adapted to meet the demand for replacement bay windows by capitalising on the ability of the latest window frame materials and glass to be manufactured to any shape, so making the favourite window choice of the 20th century fit for life in a new century, and to meet all the demands placed on it.

The choice of manufacturers and installers of new bay windows is large, and it pays to find a local specialist who has knowledge of such installations in the locality. Now, it is easy to go online  with and get a free quote for new uPVC windows without having to take the time and trouble to ring around several different companies.

How Much do Replacment Double Glazed Windows Cost?
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