What do uPVC front & back doors cost?

UPVC Front & Back DoorsEverybody who is in the market to buy them will, at some point, ask “how much do upvc doors cost?” and that is to be expected.

Depending on the design, uPVC front and back doors can be quite similar in price. However, if you go for a simple back door design and a more specialised front door design, the price difference can be quite significant.

A typical uPVC front door will be 762 mm x 1981 mm (2’6″ x 6’6″) Solid 6 panel uPVC White, usually featuring chrome furniture – and if you want to review average prices for these, then you can see more at http://www.french-patiodoors.co.uk/upvc-front-back-doors-prices/.


UPVC Front & Back Doors
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