The True Cost of Not Having Double Glazing

When people have wondered about getting double glazing or new windows fitted the cost is often a major stumbling block for people, after all it is a large job to get your home’s windows replaced as a lot of structural work will be required and to make sure your home looks nice you’ll want all of your windows doing, some people even replace their doors to ensure their home looks streamlined and matching on all fronts to become the envy of your neighbours.

Why are UPVC Windows GreatDespite the many benefits from getting modern double glazed or UPVC windows fitted some people still believe they’ll save money by sticking with their current set. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as double glazed windows and the new UPVC frames have many benefits that could say you money in the long run far beyond the initial cost of getting them fitted.

Obviously double glazed windows can help retain heat in your home which is a key concern for homeowners as they are finding saving money on heating costs a more important practice in light of the cost of living going up in recent years. With double glazed windows you won’t require as much central heating or fires as your home will not be affected by the cold air outside cooling the air in your home, instead the layer of air between the panes can prevent the temperature dropping and costing you more in heating costs.

Another fact is that many house buyers are now expecting double glazing these days and showing off a house without this feature is going to often result in the buyer knocking down their offer as they will undoubtedly intend to get this work done themselves as soon as possible. The look of newer UPVC windows and doors is also much more appealing and give a fresh and new appearance since they can easily be cleaned and require almost no maintenance at all.

And the final reasons that double glazed windows are preferred is the security improvements that they can give you, single paned windows can shatter easily and older frames may have poor locking systems which could easily be pried open. UPVC frames tend to have a lot more locking mechanisms such as multi-point locks that don’t have any vulnerable areas a thief could hit to bust the whole door/window open.

This obviously saves you money from replacing stolen items but also gives you peace of mind that your home is much harder for thieves to break into and will most likely deter thieves from even trying. Find out more about double glazed windows here:

Why are UPVC Windows Great For Your Property?